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How Big? SPH Story 3

I paused a moment because part of me was not totally sure what she was asking.  I was fairly sure I knew, but also knew I would sound stupid if I guessed wrong. But when she said the “inches or centimeters thing,” it could not have been more clear. I was just surprised that a “proper girl” like her thought this way and about these things. I thought if SHE thought this way, then all girls must! 
For a long time, a really long time, I had the suspicion I might be a bit smaller than most. Hard to say where one gets an idea like that initially, but I did. Later it was confirmed in the locker room where there were some impressive guys. Most seemed at least average, but some were, well, quite big. I learned to reach for the towel quickly to cover up.  So I already had a bit of a disposition of “concern” before Michelle happened along, in all her beauty.
For a moment, I literally did not know what to do or say.  It felt a bit like when you are at the beach and get knocked over by a wave. Until you get your feet solid, you feel lost and like you don’t know if you will survive. The silence was getting awkward and the longer I did not speak the more awkward I felt. She on the other hand seemed fine. Calm. Confident. Just fine. I had to saysomething!  I was starting to seem stupid. I did not know whether to say the truth or, rather I did know not to say the truth but how much to lie was not clear. I figured if I lied a lot and then some day she discovered the truth that would be awful.  On the other hand I figured if I told her the truth I would be a minion. A joke to her.  Not “boyfriend material” or even “friend material”.  I knew I was on shaky ground with this gorgeous girl as it was.  I did not want to make it worse. How did she ever get this much control. I tried to sound casual but failed miserably.  My goal was to give the impression I hardly ever thought about “size”.

3 comments to How Big? SPH Story 3

  • Can I just say it was VERY difficult for me not to giggle as I read this. Centimeters indeed. My goodness. You and I have definitely been around the block, Ms Jenna, but even this took me by surprise. Centimeters? A bit of a reach but fantastically funny. Hip, hip, hooray for small penis humiliation.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Centimeters i keep forgeting how to convert inches to centimeters

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Guys did not openly humiliate me cause it could get ugly or lead to serious words or a fight. Cause i would slam them back saying things like .Why are you looking ? You meat gazer or it isn’t as big as your2 tranny mama’s .Or you are dissapointed because you like bigger ones up your ass. This usually made all the other guys in the locker room laugh at him. Or started a fight.

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