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Humiliation Date

My main subbie had a birthday this weekend and he has a fetish for high maintenance women….gee I wonder why *giggle*?  I concocted the perfect birthday for him where he would spend the day pampering and spoiling yours truly.  Seems selfish, doesn’t it? Actually … is the most selfless thing I could do for . . . → Read More: Humiliation Date

Small Penis Humiliation

I recently had a caller who complained that he was attractive enough, but he had a small penis. Naturally I asked him ” So have you released your inner lick-alot-o-puss, I teased?”.  He responded “No, I’m a guy…… why would I care about that.”  Well duhhhh loser, if you have a four inch pinky . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation

Female Superiority

I’ve already touched on the fragility and vain reality of the male ego, but I want to be ever so clear with my philosophy. I don’t claim to be superior to men…….nor do I believe that men are inferior…just kidding women are superior by far LOL. Some of you may find that humiliating…that’s only . . . → Read More: Female Superiority

Humiliation of a Gym Bully 3

Setting the Humiliation Trap

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Our knuckle dragging prey follows us so willingly to the squat rack that we set up in the private room. He starts adding more weight to the bar while he babbles on about form and his “gains”. Yeah whatev blah, blah shut the fuck . . . → Read More: Humiliation of a Gym Bully 3

Humiliation of a Gym Bully part 2

Part two of Empress Jenna’s Humiliation story! . . . → Read More: Humiliation of a Gym Bully part 2