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Chastity and Foot Worship

He was well behaved and often laid his head on My lap aching for a touch or hint of attention from Me  I occasionally stroked his hair and back and he sighed contentedly.  Sometimes I’d feel compelled to grab him by the collar and pull him down by My feet where he would lick and kiss them like a good boy.  My pet knows his place and there is no place he’d rather be than by My side.  He worships My feet with his hands caressing the soles of perfectly red painted toes and sighs a sigh of both frustration and contentment.  My beautiful foot is pressed against his chastity cage; the only thing he’s wearing this evening .  I can tell he’s struggling against it as the sweat beads on his head and his breath quickens..  I tell him to get Me a drink and when he comes back I hold the shiny silver key up and motion him to come closer.  He continues to hold My drink as I unlock him.  It’s been a whole month since he’s had release so naturally his penis gets super hard.  He kneels at My feet and thanks Me while kissing My toes profusely.  I stuff them in his mouth and he gasps with spontaneous orgasm.  Tsk tsk any accident without permission is punishable by a longer sentence  of course, but that is another story ;).


2 comments to Chastity and Foot Worship

  • Is there anything more delicious than a personal slave submitting to you in the form of foot worship? The silky caress of a tongue tickling every one of those exquisite nerve endings. In my opinion, it’s as close to heaven as one can get. And it’s one of the best ways to finish off a yummy warm bath too!

  • Jenna

    I agree wholeheartedly!! 🙂

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