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Fem dom Foot Worship

They say that some butterflies taste with their feet.  I say I can feel intentions with Mine.  Nothing is better than having a loving submissive worshiping My feet with that look of bliss on his face.  His tongue gliding over the smoothness of  My toes while he groans in ecstasy and sexual torment; it is really hot!!!  Every Sunday I hang out with My toe boy and we watch Netflix while he worships My feet by giving them a great massage and kissing them.  I really enjoy teasing his cock while I have My feet on his lap.  One time we were watching T.V. and I was wiggling them around and I heard him gasp.  I jumped up a little startled and asked him what was wrong.  Immediately I felt the warm wetness seep through his khakis.  Poor foot subbie had an accident!!!  I laughed so hard i almost had tears in My eyes.  I told him normally I would punish him for an unauthorized orgasm, but because I thought it was so funny I let it slide this time. Guys with a foot fetish are so effing funny!

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