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Fem dom Wrestling 2

“D’ struggles to get free while I pin him down and ruthlessly taunt him.  “I’m only going 50%….you gotta do better than this,” I chide while I’m dominating him.  D gets his nuts up and tries to fight back, but he loses strength as My friends taunt him about his hard on bobbing up and down.   I slide My lithe legs around his head and scissor his face into My crotch.  “Ohhhhh I like the way your nose feels there,” I giggle. I squeeze hard with My legs and push his head into My crotch.  “C’mon bitch boy,” I know you’re stronger than this,’ I tease.  His face is reddish purple now and his cock looks as if it’ll explode any second.  I roll him over onto his tummy and put My arm around his neck and My other hand between his legs to cup his balls.  I think you’re gonna lose this one bitch,” I purr.  “Might as well just admit it”  D fights hard to get out of the pickle he put himself in, but to no avail.  I control his body and flip him over and sit on his face while pinning his arms with My legs.  “You lose,” I say in a bratty voice while I rub My crotch into his face.  I look into his eyes and savor My Fem domination of him.  Poor bitch didn’t know what he was getting into when he got in the ring with Me. 😛


5 comments to Fem dom Wrestling 2

  • cuckold_scottie

    *bow* Your opponent lost the match, but no one who is lucky enough to spend any time with You ever loses. You are so beautiful, Mistress Jenna, just to be near You is more than i could deserve. If W/we wrestled it wouldn’t be much of a match, it wouldn’t be a match at all; i would just melt at Your feet and surrender. But You know how quick i am . . . *blush*

  • Jenna

    *giggle* awww scottie I miss teasing you while you’re breathlessly try not to be a two pump chump! 🙂

  • cuckold_scottie

    *gulp* *blush* *bow* Th-thank You Mistress J-Jenna. i thank You for allowing me to speak with You. i w-want to c-call You, but i am so unworthy of You and i know it. i am not worth any of Your time, You have plenty of men among Your admirers with whom you can spend time, Mistress Jenna, men who can entertain You in ways that i can’t. If i still have permission, i will call You soon Mistress, so that You can remind me of my place as Your loser, quivering cucky bitch, Mistress Jenna. Thank You! You are so generous, dear Mistress.

  • D

    Mistress Jenna- even tho ur 5-8 and 120 and I am 6-1 204 u dominated me with such ease in our recent fight. U can outrun, outearn and outfight me you are more of a man than I will ever be ! What was most emasculating was not that I was totally nude and twice your size and u still beat me up, it was the fact u yawned several times during our match ! It was so easy for u that u were bored ! The worst part was when u got me in a headlock and marched me to the table where your cell was and texted your girlfriend with one hand while holding me in the headlock and I still couldnt get free. I am truly your bitch!

  • Jenna

    That’s why you love Me D 😉

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