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Humiliation Pain and Pleasure

Words can be wielded as weapons that have the potential to sting long after they’re spoken.  They also can inspire, encourage, heal and uplift as well.  So what is it exactly that is so appealing about humiliation?  I have found that there are several layers of significance when it comes to what it appealing about humiliation.  Usually when someone is humiliated properly they are embarrassed on some level.  Why?? Well because the truth of their behavior has been laid bare before their conscious mind and they feel vulnerable.  When your brain processes all of those conflicting emotions it pumps out a host of chemicals that usually equate to an arousal state.  This is a grossly general version of what happens during humiliation, but you get My point:) Can you handle a deviant diatribe that hurts so good???




4 comments to Humiliation Pain and Pleasure

  • cuckold scottie

    *strip, kneel, bow, quiver* y-Yes Mistress J-Jenna, if You require it, Mistress Jenna. *quiver, blush, bow*

  • Jenna

    I haven’t heard you’re little whispery voice for a long time scottie, where have you been hiding???

  • cuckold scottie

    *blush* *bow* i apologize M-Mistress J-Jenna…unworthy as i am, Mistress, i hope, with Your permission, t-to call s-soon, Mistress J-Jenna. i do not deserve a second of Your time, Mistress *bow* b-but i so w-want to hear Your voice again, Mistress Jenna. *quiver* *grovel*

  • Jenna

    I know you have a crush on Me scottie…….I would love to torment you again >:)!

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