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My Sissy Girlfriend

My girlfriend Katie and I were having fun going shopping together and we decided to try on our outfits when we got home.  She bought some sexy sissy lingerie and then she begged for Me to pick out a dress for her.  I decided on a short sexy red sweater dress with sheer black stockings and strappy heels.  Of course I did her make up too because we were planning on a night out.  Things took a sensual turn when I shared My shimmering unicorn lip gloss by kissing Katie’s pretty pouty red lips.  I looked into her eyes and kissed her softly while she moaned and I slid My hand up her skirt.  She whimpered a bit while I touched her pussy through her soft panties. I lead her into the bedroom where I laid My sissy girlfriend down so we were facing each other. I leaned in seductively caressing her neck while My hand moved up the inside of her thigh.  I could feel the heat and dampness through her panties and knew she was getting excited……….I love hearing Katie moan while I teased her………..(to be continued).


5 comments to My Sissy Girlfriend

  • Emily

    Oh please continue !

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Love it want another sissy ? Maybe have a limo drive you gurls shopping?

  • Empress Rayne

    I love this Ms. Jenna! Such a sexy tale of sexy time with your sissy girlfriend! It’s always fun to have a sexy sissy girlfriend to play with. I really look forward to hearing what happens next!

  • Jenna

    Yes you can never have too many shoes or sissies! 😛

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I used to hang out at a nite club where a lot of T Girls gathered.Back then we called ourselves T Girls. Most of us were crossdressers or in actual transition ..Only one gurl actually dressed sissy style.Most of us were striving to be passible. It was a blast going there every week planning all week long thinking up outfits to wear

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