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The Closet Cocksucker’s Denial

It is interesting to Me how people are ashamed of their desires.  I get a lot of guys who say , you made Me this way Mistress, yadda …yadda.  Only to find out later upon examination that the accuser previously wore panties, watched homoerotic porn, and/or had that type of experience with another guy.  . . . → Read More: The Closet Cocksucker’s Denial

ASMR & Masturbation Trance

I have recently been studying an odd sexual and non sexual phenomenon lately.  I really enjoy learning new things, especially when it comes to kink and sensuality. Everyone responds to auditory stimulus differently, and some people experience a masturbatory trance accompanied with tingles throughout their body when they hear the right voice.  ASMR or . . . → Read More: ASMR & Masturbation Trance

Do Women Know 2

Here is the continuation of our lovely humilation , enjoy! Her manner with me was one of total control, and it was not just that she was a “higher up”.  I was intimidated by her. I was not her equal in position, pay or really anything. I did have a crush on her, but . . . → Read More: Do Women Know 2

Do Women Know 1

Remember that wonderful submission about small penis humiliation?  Well, My subbie decided to share some more of his experiences with you. Enjoy!

I think some dominant women can just feel a submissive guy.  I think some women are not that interested in submissive guys. I think some are but perhaps just to toy with . . . → Read More: Do Women Know 1

My Sissy Girlfriend 2

Here is the 2nd ( all be it a bit nonconsecutive) half of My sissy story.

I could feel Katie shiver as I touched her through her panties. We shared lip gloss kisses, and I told her how beautiful I thought she was. I slipped a blind fold on her and told her to . . . → Read More: My Sissy Girlfriend 2