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Sissies and Panties

Oh the pink and frilly panties that make many a sissy weak and wet over them.  You naughty little bitches just can’t get enough, can you?  Most sissies have itty bitty clitties and this is partially why psychologically they crave being in panties because they know that they could never satisfy a woman.  I like to dress My gurls in the most shiny satin panties with thigh highs, and heels.  They look soo cute dressed like this while they’re cleaning My house and waiting on Me and My real man.  If they happen to please Me enough, I’ll allow them to rub My feet while I make out with My boyfriend.  This is a privilege they have to earn by doing all of their assignments to My exact specifications.  If they mess up, I will spank them or take away their panties.  Most sissies would die without out their panties!!  So you can imagine that My bitches are well behaved.  Are you a well behaved sissy?


8 comments to Sissies and Panties

  • i’m a pretty well behaved sissy who wouldn’t dream of not following instructions and always spanked when i mess up, starting over those pink satin panties and ultimately on the bare.

  • Petey cream puff

    I am a well behaved sissy as you and Ms Erika put me in panties/bra/dress along with giving me total makeover and turning me into your cream puff girl. Both of you along with the other mistresses have total control over me and I realize I’ll never go back to being the strong guy as my whole look is submissive/helpless/weak & feminine with soft/smooth/girlish smelling skin with petite/curvy body with d cup breasts filling out my bra.

  • Owen

    I have always felt small “down there” and always wanted to be put into panties. I was never sure if there was a connection. But I have always thought I fit better and something about it felt more “right”. I love women and am totally heterosexual in orientation. I have jealousy of more manly men but also (half) want women to have more manly men than I am….sort of. I (mostly) wish it was me they were with but somehow also want them to have someone more male than I.

  • Jenna

    Oh penelope cream puff you’re such a girlie girl now there is no turning back for you ever!!

  • SF Donn(a)

    I am not a well behaved sissy – I’m a naughty one who can provide you and your friends with all kinds of amusement! I hope you have some pretty pink sheer cheeky panties for me! 💕

  • Jenna

    You’ll have to earn those panties sugar.

  • cuckold_scottie

    *strip* *kneel* *bow* *tremble* … m-Mistress Jenna, i know that i am not worthy to b-be Your real-time houseboy, b-but i do fantasize about it (and You know w-what happens when i imagine being in Your presence *blush*). i would try my best to be obedient and n-not m-mess up, and earn the privileges that You would so generously grant. *bow* *scrape* i am not w-worthy to be near Your feet let alone t-touch them, b-but i would work hard f-for Your consideration. *grovel* *quiver* i would be like putty in Your beautiful hands, Mistress Jenna. *melt*

  • I always try to be a well behaved Sissy knowing my place serving men and women.

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