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Humiliation Pain and Pleasure

Words can be wielded as weapons that have the potential to sting long after they’re spoken.  They also can inspire, encourage, heal and uplift, as well.  So, what is it exactly that is so appealing about humiliation?  I have found that there are several layers of significance when it comes to what it appealing . . . → Read More: Humiliation Pain and Pleasure

A Tale of the Virgin Panty Wearer

Little dicked losers are meant to jerk off

I had an interesting humiliation call this week with a virgin panty pervert. Typical story really….pushing forty, lives with his parents small cock………need I say more? Some guys are just meant to be married to their hands. It’s a pathetic reality but still one none the less. My . . . → Read More: A Tale of the Virgin Panty Wearer

The Adventures of an Ass Slut

Jenna talks about her experience with Mistress Scarlet and Lydia while they watched, taunted and teased their naughty little ass slut. . . . → Read More: The Adventures of an Ass Slut