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Fem dom Wrestling 2

“D’ struggles to get free while I pin him down and ruthlessly taunt him.  “I’m only going 50%….you gotta do better than this,” I chide while I’m dominating him.  D gets his nuts up and tries to fight back, but he loses strength as My friends taunt him about his hard on bobbing up . . . → Read More: Fem dom Wrestling 2

Fem dom Wrestling Fantasy 1

Ok… so I have a buddy we’ll call “D” who is so much freaking fun to play with on the phone.  Recently he sent Me a few really hot clips of naked male on female wrestling………..the woman dominated of course!!  I imagined luring My unsuspecting man prey into My She-cave; no not that one . . . → Read More: Fem dom Wrestling Fantasy 1

Femdom Wrestling

Wrestling Fetish

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Occasionally I get calls from guys who like shall we say… full frontal contact of a different sort.  I’ll be completely honest with you; I’ve always been a bit of a rough neck and had some tomboyish ways to Me. I liked to over power . . . → Read More: Femdom Wrestling