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Humiliated Panty Slut

Double Humiliation Call

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Once again the lovely Mistress Rachel and I sunk our pretty nails into a tasty little panty bitch we affectionately call “mumbles”.  We took great delight in humiliating him and tormenting the fuck out of him.  He had a pretty pair of ruffled panties on and was . . . → Read More: Humiliated Panty Slut

Little Dicky Dum Dum

Humiliation in Pink Panties

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One of My regular humiliation sluts decided to show Me just exactly why his wife was cuckolding him.  I got the cutest and most pathetic picture of My yoga pant loving loser in pink hello kitty panties… showing Me just how small . . . → Read More: Little Dicky Dum Dum

Panty Pervert Humiliated at the Mall

Empress Jenna teases and erotically humiliates a panty pervert at the mall. . . . → Read More: Panty Pervert Humiliated at the Mall

Caught Masturbating in Panties

Empress Jenna tells a tale of a humiliated panty slut. . . . → Read More: Caught Masturbating in Panties

A Tale of the Virgin Panty Wearer

Little dicked losers are meant to jerk off

I had an interesting humiliation call this week with a virgin panty pervert. Typical story really….pushing forty, lives with his parents small cock………need I say more? Some guys are just meant to be married to their hands. It’s a pathetic reality but still one none the less. My . . . → Read More: A Tale of the Virgin Panty Wearer