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What I’m Reading Now

I’m setting up this new page on My blog because its Summer and what the hell I like to have fun.  I wanted to reach out to My nerd herd. What are you reading and Why?  I love discussing books, art , politics, religion & mythology, literature, and philosophy—-and it is a turn on for Me so I’m being a little selfish here; can’t blame Me for getting a slow sensual cerebral massage now and again;). I really enjoy exploring different ideas and perspectives on things.  I’ve been flirting with The Dream of Reason by Anthony Gottlieb, rereading Thinking Fast & Slow, and looking into exploring Art philosophy by Thomas McEvilley. So if anyone is interested in discussing these or has any suggestions for some good books…..let Me know and we can talk about these though comments here or via email, looking forward to hearing from you!