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In the Palm of Her Hand 2

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Nora  set up the bedroom perfectly.  Under the bed restraints; check.  Toys easily reachable in the night stand; check.  Extra batteries; check.  She passed the mirror looking at her hour glass curves and chestnut hair and smiled as she stepped into her black shiny Loutbutins.   The Mistress of distress, duress…. keeping him naked humble & undressed; double check.  She winked  and snapped her newly manicured fingers as she executed a sassy half Dior turn.  She made sure to wear a gorgeous black corset under her tight fitting blush pink cashmere sweater.  Nora took a teasing shot of her skirt hem and texted it to Ray knowing that would drive him nuts. Nora’s ample breasts jutted out provocatively only to be accentuated by her cinched waist covered in a simple black pencil skirt.  Ray walked in after a long arduous day at work to the stunning Nora.  He paused for a moment…….it was hard to believe they were married; every day felt new with her since she embraced her inner Fem Dom. She peered at him with a little knowing smirk on her classically beautiful face.  “I changed My mind,” she almost purred.  “Screw going out,” “We’re staying in and you need to get naked…”  (To be continued)

In the Palm of Her Hand 1

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The couple had dabbled in Fem Dom kink on and off for a few years.  It brought a spark into their long term relationship where boredom inevitably sets in after the honeymoon phase is over.  Newly budding Fem dom Nora enjoyed teasing her submissive . . . → Read More: In the Palm of Her Hand 1

Halloweenie Humiliation 2

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As that moment of erotic fixation started to disappear………Sally Lee saw her moment to humiliate John and establish her dominance. It was a warm day and John only had on basket ball shorts and boxer briefs. Sally Lee lept into action and completely pulled down his . . . → Read More: Halloweenie Humiliation 2

Halloweenie Humiliation 1

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John has a mad insatiable foot fetish and one of the ways he likes to meet his need for pretty pink painted toes is to look at feet while he is at the mall.  At one particular store there are several hotties that like to . . . → Read More: Halloweenie Humiliation 1

Humiliation Call with Mistress Cindy

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Omg…..the other night Ms. Cindy and I had a lovely two Mistress call with an insatiable humiliation butt slut!!!  It was so much fun laughing at & watching our sissy bitch suck a dildo stuck to a mirror and twerk his rounded  effeminate . . . → Read More: Humiliation Call with Mistress Cindy