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Humiliation Call with Mistress Cindy

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Omg…..the other night Ms. Cindy and I had a lovely two Mistress call with an insatiable humiliation butt slut!!!  It was so much fun laughing at & watching our sissy bitch suck a dildo stuck to a mirror and twerk his rounded  effeminate ass for Us lol!  We had this little bitch crawl on his hands and knees with a huge dildo as a butt plug *giggle*.  He jiggled his ass and ate up our sweetly cruel taunts like candy.  Speaking of sweets….. his little  limpy hung down like a fun sized candy bar, but unlike the candy bar………his tiny wee wee isn’t going near anyone’s mouth *giggle*, that’s for sure!!  We also had our naughty humiliation whore put nipple clamps on and tug them for Us while he took the very large 8-9inch dildo in  the ass.  I really loved having such a wonderful double Domme call with Ms. Cindy and can’t wait to tag team a bitch with her again!!


Small Penis Humiliation

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This is for all My little guys out there that well……..have pinky peckers.  You k now who you are *giggle*!! You’ve failed the toilet paper roll test, your whole hand covers it, and some of you even have to sit down to well you . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation

Giantess Foot Worship

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She loved keeping Her little men gathered around Her feet to give Her pedicures.  They all lined up like little soldiers with their tools of adoration.  The beautiful Giantess sat on the soft grass under a mimosa tree while her little men meticulously attended to her toes.  . . . → Read More: Giantess Foot Worship

A Day at the Salon with My Chastity Slave

I went shopping with My subbie and we had so much fun!!  I got a mani pedi while he sat there and watched Me.  I enjoyed keeping eye contact with him while I was getting My nails and toes done.  I had him in chastity for like three weeks and I knew spoiling Me . . . → Read More: A Day at the Salon with My Chastity Slave

Fem Dom Foot Worship 2

My submissive quickly took off his clothes to reveal a very hard erection while his gaze was transfixed on My beautiful feet.  I giggled as I took My toes and played with the head of his cock and gave him a playful footsie inda nuts.   He gasped a little melodramatically thinking it was going . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Foot Worship 2