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OMG He’s Jacking off in his Car!!!

I had an interesting thing happen to Me this week.  I suppose judging from the title of this blog you can guess *giggle*.  Men never cease to amaze Me with their silly auto-erotic depravity!!!  So I went shopping as usual right, and after being in the mall about 4 hours I was definitely tired . . . → Read More: OMG He’s Jacking off in his Car!!!

GFE Cuckold Humiliation

What girl doesn’t love to treated like royalty??   Well I pretty much expect it.  One of My favorite role plays ever is the girlfriend experience.  The reason I like it so much is because I can mix being a total demanding brat with being sweet.  I want it all, so naturally I like the best . . . → Read More: GFE Cuckold Humiliation

Strap-on Seduction

I think I’ve found in My experience usually the most reluctant men to the Fem Dom experience are the ones that could benefit from  loving Female discipline the most. Princess believes in dominance with a mission and that mission is to not only get what She wants, but also to bring the best out in the submissive . . . → Read More: Strap-on Seduction

Princess’s Cuckold Humiliation Date

 Who would’ve thought this date would’ve turned into a cuckold humiliation date?? Of course I always have a way of being such a brat with the cute adoring submissive men in My life. Ahhhh yes, another Saturday date night and I went shopping earlier this week and bought some really hot clothes to wear.  I’ll look for any . . . → Read More: Princess’s Cuckold Humiliation Date

Humiliation Fun for Princess

Occasionally I surprise Myself with how absolutely humiliating I can be :).  I had a caller that was quiet and shy and admittedly I wasn’t sure what direction to take him.  However,  when I mentioned decking him out in his girlfriend’s clothes and sending him to a fast food drive through…… oh My did his . . . → Read More: Humiliation Fun for Princess