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Alex’s Ass Humiliation

Jenna humiliates caller into putting things in his ass!! . . . → Read More: Alex’s Ass Humiliation

Sissy Stacey Alyssa Exposed

Jenna humiliates her sissy bitch Stacey Alyssa. . . . → Read More: Sissy Stacey Alyssa Exposed

Little Dicked Loser

Jenna humiliates Shawn for his small little dick. . . . → Read More: Little Dicked Loser

Chubby Subby Humiliation

Jenna humiliates a fat submissive in a diabolical erotic way. . . . → Read More: Chubby Subby Humiliation

Sissy Chrissy Part 2

Jenna takes Chris for a fun humiliating trip to Victoria Secret where she has him fitted for a bra!!! . . . → Read More: Sissy Chrissy Part 2