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Qualities of a Tasty Mindfuck

Empress Jenna discusses the qualities of a good mind fucking. . . . → Read More: Qualities of a Tasty Mindfuck

Mistress’s Beta Male Test

Are you a Beta Male Loser? Take Empress Jenna’s test!!! . . . → Read More: Mistress’s Beta Male Test

Party Cocksucking Humiliation

Jenna gets Wes to suck his first cock at a party. . . . → Read More: Party Cocksucking Humiliation

Caught Masturbating in Panties

Empress Jenna tells a tale of a humiliated panty slut. . . . → Read More: Caught Masturbating in Panties

Femdom Puppy Training

Empress Jenna puppy trains a male submissive into fetching and humping a pillow. . . . → Read More: Femdom Puppy Training