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Little Dicky Dum Dum

Humiliation in Pink Panties

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One of My regular humiliation sluts decided to show Me just exactly why his wife was cuckolding him.  I got the cutest and most pathetic picture of My yoga pant loving loser in pink hello kitty panties… showing Me just how small . . . → Read More: Little Dicky Dum Dum

Foot Bitch’s Submission

End of Semester Submission

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Well the semester is almost over and I’ve been studying like crazy for finals.  It’s been busy, but fun! I managed to lure in a submissive in My Anthropology class.  I caught him eyeing up My pink painted toes while I was . . . → Read More: Foot Bitch’s Submission

Too Tiny for Vaginey

The curse of the little cock

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I know it’s difficult for all you little stumpied nubbies out there.  I almost feel sorry for you having such a pathetic tiny dick.  At the very least the only pleasure it could give would be the joy a woman . . . → Read More: Too Tiny for Vaginey

Reluctant Chastity Slaves

Controlling His Orgasms

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Some of you  slaves are fickle bitches.  I’m not even kidding. Please remember that I have the vagina in the relationship and it’s ME that has the right to turn the tables and be as changeable as the weather….not you dum dum.  Nothing . . . → Read More: Reluctant Chastity Slaves