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A Male Submissive Memoir 2

From Psuedo Stud to Submissive

Here is the 2nd installment ….enjoy!

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Wendy and I were making out in the living room when I steered things to the bedroom.  She averted her eyes and told me to go in there  , get naked and wait for her just a minute.  I . . . → Read More: A Male Submissive Memoir 2

A Male Submissive’s Memoir

From Stud to Submissive

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The following is a personal account from one of My man minions we’ll call “Two Pump Chump”.  It’ll be a three blog installation as it is quite juicy, teasing and detailed.  Thanks Two Pump chump for using your hands to type instead . . . → Read More: A Male Submissive’s Memoir