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Sissy Confessions

Closet Cocksucker

I have a lovely sissy we’ll call “Jamie” ….she’s still in the cock sucking closet shall we say.  When I spoke to her the other day she was digging through her wife’s clothes and wearing her red lipstick.  In fact upon further investigation, she revealed to Me that she and her wife . . . → Read More: Sissy Confessions

Female Lead Relationships

Fem dom Marriage

I’ve always loved effeminate men that relish being in the company of women and serving them.  Relationships are being redefined all the time; especially now that ideas about love and commitment are finally expanding to include the gay, bi, and trans communities.  Love doesn’t have limits.  I imagine having a wedding . . . → Read More: Female Lead Relationships

The Perfect Pet

The Perfect Male Submissive

I have many playmates and they each have their special place in Mistress‘s heart, but what makes an exceptional pet? Well that can be summed up in one word; willingness. Willingness in what respect you ask?  Well….the willingness to take direction, lay down his preconception of what needs to happen, . . . → Read More: The Perfect Pet