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Cock Docking

Small Penis Humiliation

Ok…….so occasionally I hear some humiliating shit that I’ve never heard before.  It is rare, but it does happen on occasion.  One of My phone bitches is a muscle bound dude with a tiny three inch penis.  He tries to compensate for his little muscle by building up his body.  God . . . → Read More: Cock Docking

The GFE Experience

I recently got asked if I do calls that are softer sort of similar to the girlfriend experience.  The answer is an absolute emphatic “Yes!“.  What is great about GFE phone sex is that you get to share the best of yourself without the strings AND without the relationship burnout.  Maybe you had a . . . → Read More: The GFE Experience

Fem dom Face Sitting

Some submissive men need attitude adjustments from time to time.  I actually call them ass-itude adjustments; face sitting is a wonderful tool for a Mistress to have ;).  Occasionally I’ve gotten into little tiffs with My submissives because they are type A personalities with a bit of OCD get shit done tendencies.  This is . . . → Read More: Fem dom Face Sitting

Small Penis Humiliation

I recently had a caller who complained that he was attractive enough, but he had a small penis. Naturally I asked him ” So have you released your inner lick-alot-o-puss, I teased?”.  He responded “No, I’m a guy…… why would I care about that.”  Well duhhhh loser, if you have a four inch pinky . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation

Two Mistress Call with Sexy Ms. Delia

Two Mistress Calls are the Best

I recently had the pleasure of sensually dominating and teasing a submissive with Ms. Delia.  We stripped  him naked first and whipped him soundly from shoulders to his ass cheeks.  It was delightfully fun to taunt him and edge him to the point of making hilarious blubbering noises.  After . . . → Read More: Two Mistress Call with Sexy Ms. Delia