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CFNM in College

Ok…………this semester I’m taking a drawing class where we’re studying the figure.  Today was the first day that we actually got to start out with gestural drawings and things of that sort.  So, naturally, as I’m sitting there drawing a naked man, I couldn’t help but smirk a little thinking about the kinky CFNM . . . → Read More: CFNM in College

College Coed Foot Tease

So it is the first week of classes and I’m totally excited as usual.  The beginning week is always good for spotting the guys that have a foot fetish.  I was wearing flip flops and just got a gorgeous pink pedicure this week and omg this one guy could not take his eyes off . . . → Read More: College Coed Foot Tease

Humiliation Date

My main subbie had a birthday this weekend and he has a fetish for high maintenance women….gee I wonder why *giggle*?  I concocted the perfect birthday for him where he would spend the day pampering and spoiling yours truly.  Seems selfish, doesn’t it? Actually … is the most selfless thing I could do for . . . → Read More: Humiliation Date

Mistress Erika and Jenna’s Sissification Fun

LDW has a resident cream puff sissy.  She was formerly known as petey, but we dubbed her Penelope the Princess Cream Puff.  The sexy Ms. Erika and I took her to Victoria Secret and had her outfitted in PINK leggings, sexy top, and of course sexy pink matching bra and panties.  We also took . . . → Read More: Mistress Erika and Jenna’s Sissification Fun

Fem dom Tease and Denial

My  submissive travels a lot for business so we enjoy long distance tease and denial quite a bit.  I’ll often put him in chastity and talk with him while he’s at a hotel and use a remote control vibrator on him just to make things interesting.  For those of you not familiar with Carl . . . → Read More: Fem dom Tease and Denial