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Chastity and Foot Worship

He was well behaved and often laid his head on My lap aching for a touch or hint of attention from Me  I occasionally stroked his hair and back and he sighed contentedly.  Sometimes I’d feel compelled to grab him by the collar and pull him down by My feet where he would lick . . . → Read More: Chastity and Foot Worship

Fem dom Wrestling 2

“D’ struggles to get free while I pin him down and ruthlessly taunt him.  “I’m only going 50%….you gotta do better than this,” I chide while I’m dominating him.  D gets his nuts up and tries to fight back, but he loses strength as My friends taunt him about his hard on bobbing up . . . → Read More: Fem dom Wrestling 2

Fem dom Wrestling Fantasy 1

Ok… so I have a buddy we’ll call “D” who is so much freaking fun to play with on the phone.  Recently he sent Me a few really hot clips of naked male on female wrestling………..the woman dominated of course!!  I imagined luring My unsuspecting man prey into My She-cave; no not that one . . . → Read More: Fem dom Wrestling Fantasy 1

Oral Fixation Masturbation

I’m always surprised at the amount of cock suckers there are out there.  You guys love to be on your knees and also to serve and please.  The idea of being in panties and overwhelmed by a much larger stronger male just makes the clitty tingle in your cheekies, doesn’t it bitches?  Yeah, trust . . . → Read More: Oral Fixation Masturbation

A Good Cock Tease is Hard to Cum By

What is it about a cock tease that is so alluring?  Well several things, but in My opinion the main thing is really that it is an art.  As with all arts it takes poise, practice, and innate creativity.  Everyone knows an exquisite build up is part of the journey and should be almost . . . → Read More: A Good Cock Tease is Hard to Cum By