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How Big? SPH Story 3

I paused a moment because part of me was not totally sure what she was asking.  I was fairly sure I knew, but also knew I would sound stupid if I guessed wrong. But when she said the “inches or centimeters thing,” it could not have been more clear. I was just surprised that . . . → Read More: How Big? SPH Story 3

How Big ? SPH Story 2

Here is part 2 of My lovely subbie’s sensually humiliating story! Like it was not on my radar, and I did not break out a ruler every other day; an act which is truly stupid as one cannot really grow week to week like that. Why keep measuring that frequently?   “Hello.  Are you . . . → Read More: How Big ? SPH Story 2

How Big? SPH Story

Here is a wonderful subbie submitted story, hope you enjoy how sensually humiliating it is! “So how big are you?”  I did not exactly take her words in at first. Phone contact was a bit different to begin with, but I was not sure I heard her at first.   It was not that . . . → Read More: How Big? SPH Story

Sissy Santa 2

“Rub it,” she said.

    As I began massaging Her sole, She said, “I want to make sure you understand everything, and you’re still okay with it. Everyone at the party knows to expect you and two other subs, but not all my guests are used to bdsm or female domination. There may . . . → Read More: Sissy Santa 2

Sissy Santa

Here is part one of a reader submitted sissy story I’d like to share with you, hope you enjoy!

I felt a wave of relief as I pulled up. And then the fear set in again. I was almost to shelter, but to get there I would have to leave the car. . . . → Read More: Sissy Santa