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Loser Wanker Masturbation Humiliation

Ahh, yes here you are reading My blog with dick in hand ….yet again.  Masturbation isn’t really a once in awhile thing for you , is it? Doesn’t that embarrass or humiliate you in the least? If it doesn’t ….it should. Why you’re just a chronic masturbator, aren’t you? I bet you can’t even go two whole days without jerking it can you *giggle*?  Aren’t you lucky Me and My sister Mistresses are here to indulge you in chaffing the carrot, sometimes to the point of soreness I would imagine?  I feel sorry for any woman who actually gets in a relationship with you because by now your dick probably has callouses on it LOL.  Wait…..that might be interesting …..instead of ribbed for her pleasure it could be rubbed for her pleasure *giggle*.   If you need to talk about it and be humiliated into having some semblance of self control I’ll be here.  Maybe you need to be locked away in a chastity cage for awhile Continue reading Loser Wanker Masturbation Humiliation

Fem Dom Foot Tease

Today was nice and warm …..finally! I just got a pedicure and decided to wear My flip flops.  I have a hard time sitting still and I often play with My flip flops….dipping and dangling them. I absolutely LOVE to wear toe rings when the weather gets warm and I had on a shiny . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Foot Tease

Fem Dom Giggles and SPH

Recently I found these stress balls that look like little penises. They are cute and incredibly funny. In fact, I bought about a dozen of them to put in random places because, well, why not spread the silly shenanigans? I also saw the possibility for a humiliation prop, teehee.  This past weekend My sub was . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Giggles and SPH

The Closet Cocksucker’s Denial

It is interesting to Me how people are ashamed of their desires.  I get a lot of guys who say , you made Me this way Mistress, yadda …yadda.  Only to find out later upon examination that the accuser previously wore panties, watched homoerotic porn, and/or had that type of experience with another guy.  . . . → Read More: The Closet Cocksucker’s Denial

ASMR & Masturbation Trance

I have recently been studying an odd sexual and non sexual phenomenon lately.  I really enjoy learning new things, especially when it comes to kink and sensuality. Everyone responds to auditory stimulus differently, and some people experience a masturbatory trance accompanied with tingles throughout their body when they hear the right voice.  ASMR or . . . → Read More: ASMR & Masturbation Trance