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Kinky Sexploration

Hello, My devoted little jackfruits! Today I’d like to muse over the interesting phenomenon of Fem dom kinky sexploration and the necessity of determining your wants vs. needs.  Our turn-ons are as individual as we are and sometimes we don’t know we like something until we try it.  Also conversely, I think there is . . . → Read More: Kinky Sexploration

Fem Dom Virtual Experience

Did you ever want to see your fantasy animated in front of your eyes? Imagine your erotic story unfolding through interaction of an avatar. This is what the Enchantrix virtual world experience can offer you.  If you’re a gamer, avid role player, or virtual  kinkster, this level of interaction is for you! You can . . . → Read More: Fem Dom Virtual Experience

SPH Fem Dom Humiliaton

I have a client who is a body builder. Although his biceps and pecs are huge, his penis is, well  *giggle*, like a tiny little acorn.  We had a wonderful little humiliation fantasy where I told him if he could stand a cold ice bath for the longest he’d get to fuck Me.  Of . . . → Read More: SPH Fem Dom Humiliaton

Tantric Masturbation

Most people masturbate because obviously they want sexual release. Tantra in its more modern bastardized version  serves to delay sexual gratification for the purpose of having sex longer or for a male to be able to cum with out ejaculation. Tantric masturbation uses breathing and stroke techniques to edge yourself to achieve a more . . . → Read More: Tantric Masturbation

Cock Teasing Hand Fetish

I believe there are fetishes for virtually everything. One of My submissives has a hand fetish. He loves to spoil Me with manicures, and I love to be an extreme cock tease by putting My hand on his leg, wearing gloves and having him worship My hands by kissing them and giving massage.  One . . . → Read More: Cock Teasing Hand Fetish