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There are moments your life talks to you in subtlety and depth if you’re willing to listen.  It’s funny for Me to think about some of the defining moments when I just *knew* vanilla sex wasn’t enough for Me.  So I compiled a list of these things just for fun.

You know You’re a Domina When….

1.  ATM has a whole different meaning.

2.  A hot guy smiles at you and you imagine him naked kissing your feet.

3.  You cum really hard while using a strap-on.

5.  You’re magnetically drawn to the hardware department where all the rope is….

6.  When non-kinky company comes over to visit you have to hide all your books because Erotic Slavehood by Christine Abernathy is NOT 50 Shades of Grey.

7.  When your idea of a romantic evening involves jute, nipple clamps, a paddle and a chin-strap.

8.  Sex toy for you means something that breathes and never needs batteries.

9.  When you’re at a restaurant and they tell you they have cream-pies and you have to stifle a giggle.

10.  You see an effeminate looking man and you imagine what how he’d look in a pencil skirt, heels and a blond wig.

11.  The term bitch, slut and whore are used as terms of endearment.

12.  You often fantasize about a whole society where Women ruled and men were minions…..oh wait that’s actually how it really is lol. My dream has come true!! Yay!!!

13.  When you see a flexible guy in yoga class and you wonder if he’s ever indulged in self bukkake.

14.  You enjoy making guys uncomfortabley squirmy by teasing them about the fact they can’t stop staring at your pretty painted toes in nylons.

15. You get all histrionic that duct-tape comes in all different colors and patterns, purple duct tape wahooo!!!!!

16.  You can’t help but wonder if those five dollar foot long commercials are really sph in disguise.

17. Terms of service means a naked man cleaning your home and giving cunnilingus on command.

18. You hear BBC and the British Broadcasting Corporation isn’t the first thing you think of.

19.  Your pets can walk on four legs, two legs and wear a business suit during the day :).

20.  Last but not least *drum roll please*…….you could NEVER imagine being any other way!


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