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Artistry and the Zen of Sensual Domination

I’ve always loved Japanese culture and the study of Zen because of its simplicity. Human beings love to complicate things.  The mind is always generating things to distract us from the present moment; which is the only moment that ever truly exists.  Our culture has taken mindfulness practice and complicated it much the same way it has generated countless different types of breakfast cereals.  Observing things as they are in a non attached way is mindfulness. This practice isn’t just limited to sitting on a cushion cross legged for hours and hours.  I like to incorporate mindfulness in sensual domination.  For example when I tie My submissive up I enjoy taking My time wrapping his wrists  with care and attaching him to the bed post, same with his ankles.  When I touch his body with My finger tips in silence  it communicates more than anything I could say.  I smile in a sensually dominating way and look at him from half closed eyes.  I can feel the rise and fall of his breath as My hands go over his quivering tummy and taut legs.  I’ve blind folded him and put ear plugs in his ears.  Everything he experiences is a spontaneous co-creation that seduces him into the present moment where each experience is met with honest vulnerability.  I might take the time to unplug his ear and whisper something erotically humiliating to him just to make him squirm a bit.  In that moment I know that he is utterly absorbed in My prescience, but more importantly he is alive in the present moment and suspended in the timeless.


9 comments to Artistry and the Zen of Sensual Domination

  • cuckold scottie

    *strip, kneel, bow, tremble* m-Mistress Jenna, may i please have permission to look at Your photos? Please–i beg You, please? Please, Mistress, please? *grovel, quiver* Oh pl-please Mistress Jenna, may i please look at Your photos? *grovel* Thank You Mistress, for reading my puny post, and thank You for whatever answer You deign to give me. *quiver*

  • cuckoldscottie

    *strip, blush, kneel, bow, quiver* Dear M-Mistress Jenna, i am sorry for having left my name off of my last post, please forgive me, Mistress, if it is Your desire to do so. i am begging You to allow me to look at Your photos, m-Mistress Jenna. Please, please, please, i beg You Mistress, for Your generous permission to look at Your photos Mistress, please i beg You *grovel grovel whimper grovel* Oh please Mistress Jenna, please. Th-thank You for taking a few seconds to read my puny post and pathetic request. Whatever Your answer, it will be fair and correct. *bow tremble grovel blush*

  • Jenna

    You may look and edge for 5 minutes, but that is it. 🙂

  • cuckoldscottie

    *bow* Thank You, Mistress Jenna! You are so generous, thank you thank you! i am grateful that You even acknowledge my bitch boy ass, let alone permit me to look at Your photos and follow Your orders. Thank You! *bow quiver pant bow*

  • cuckoldscottie

    *strip, kneel, bow, eyes lowered* M-Mistress Jenna, th-thank Y-You so much for Your generous permission to gaze at Your photos while playing with my *blush* teeny-weeny, Mistress Jenna *quiver* *blush*. M-Mistress, how often should i ask for permission, Mistress? i don’t want to abuse the privilege that Y-You have granted me, Mistress J-Jenna. Th-thank You Mistress, whatever You decide, Mistress. *bow* You are so beautiful, Mistress. *bow* *tremble*

  • Jenna

    You should call Me and beg for permission like a good subbie :P.

  • cuckoldscottie

    *bow* *gulp* Y-Yes M-Mistress J-Jenna, i will Mistress, th-thank You so much, Mitress Jenna. *bow* *grovel* *scrape*

  • cuckloldscottie

    *strip* *kneel* *bow* *eyes lowered* Thank You so much for generously allowing me to talk to You yesterday, Mistress Jenna *bow* i don’t deserve any of Your time, and i appreciate You granting me permission just to spend a few minutes in Your presence *quiver* i will try to be a good cucky boy *blush* for You, Mistress Jenna, You work so hard to correct me and i am grateful to You, Mistress *bow* *blush* *quiver* Th-Thank You, Mistress Jenna! You are so beautiful.

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