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Foot Bitch’s Submission

End of Semester Submission

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Well the semester is almost over and I’ve been studying like crazy for finals.  It’s been busy, but fun! I managed to lure in a submissive in My Anthropology class.  I caught him eyeing up My pink painted toes while I was dangling My flip flop flirtatiously.  I can smell a foot fetishist a mile away and I knew he had bitch boy potential.

Teasing with My feet

I dipped and dangled My flip flop and watched him in My peripheral vision staring at My feet.  I looked over at him and smirked.  He was a shy foot fetishist and looked away as I met his gaze. I made sure to play with My flip flop as if he was under My feet.  I could just imagine him laying on his back begging to suck and lick My toes.  Hmmmm I have a paper due next week, I got ten pink Mistresses I’m sure he’d die to be under…….male weakness equals Feminine opportunity >:).


3 comments to Foot Bitch’s Submission

  • cuckoldscottie

    Mistress Jenna, he is so lucky to be in the same room with You, Mistress, let alone to be able to see Your feet. To receive any n-notice from You, m-Mistress Jenna, is a privilege, i am sure that he is grateful to be near You. i am grateful that You even say one word to me, and so grateful that You have granted me permission to view Your photos and call You once in awhile. *bow* th-thank You Mistress Jenna. May i continue to have Your permission to look at Your photos, Mistress Jenna, even if it’s just for a few seconds *blush* Mistress, i would be forever grateful to You.

  • Beautiful description of your ensnarement of a new foot fetishist, Ms Jenna. I can just imagine the effect your sexy legs and recently pedicured toenails had on this guy. He had to be totally focused on the rhythm of your foot, and has no clue what the professor was saying. Your last line was saucy and got me smiling. It’s true! These foot fetishists have a weakness. It really is a golden opportunity for you. You could likely get him to write your paper.

  • Jenna

    Why thank you Ms. Violet! I’m hoping to get him to do that and so much more 😉

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