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Oral Fixation Masturbation

I’m always surprised at the amount of cock suckers there are out there.  You guys love to be on your knees and also to serve and please.  The idea of being in panties and overwhelmed by a much larger stronger male just makes the clitty tingle in your cheekies, doesn’t it bitches?  Yeah, trust . . . → Read More: Oral Fixation Masturbation

Coerced Out of the Closet

I talk to ALOT of guys that always say “make me gay”, “turn me into a faggot’, “make me a cocksucker“..  I always say the same thing to them.  I cannot turn you into anything; I can only bring out what was already there. I had a lovely conversation with a caller we’ll call . . . → Read More: Coerced Out of the Closet