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The Closet Cocksucker’s Denial

It is interesting to Me how people are ashamed of their desires.  I get a lot of guys who say , you made Me this way Mistress, yadda …yadda.  Only to find out later upon examination that the accuser previously wore panties, watched homoerotic porn, and/or had that type of experience with another guy.  . . . → Read More: The Closet Cocksucker’s Denial

Oral Fixation Masturbation

I’m always surprised at the amount of cock suckers there are out there.  You guys love to be on your knees and also to serve and please.  The idea of being in panties and overwhelmed by a much larger stronger male just makes the clitty tingle in your cheekies, doesn’t it bitches?  Yeah, trust . . . → Read More: Oral Fixation Masturbation

Cocksocker’s Confessional

Well Neil Bob is up to his cocksucking faggoty high jinx again.  We always have such a gay ole time talking about how he’s really found out that there is indeed no place like homo!  He confessed to Me that he recently locked eyes with a golden haired twink at the pharmacy which ended . . . → Read More: Cocksocker’s Confessional

Sissy Confessions

Closet Cocksucker

I have a lovely sissy we’ll call “Jamie” ….she’s still in the cock sucking closet shall we say.  When I spoke to her the other day she was digging through her wife’s clothes and wearing her red lipstick.  In fact upon further investigation, she revealed to Me that she and her wife . . . → Read More: Sissy Confessions

Humiliated Coerced Bi

Empress Jenna gives advice to her coerced cocksuckers. . . . → Read More: Humiliated Coerced Bi