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Halloweenie Humiliation 2

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As that moment of erotic fixation started to disappear………Sally Lee saw her moment to humiliate John and establish her dominance. It was a warm day and John only had on basket ball shorts and boxer briefs. Sally Lee lept into action and completely pulled down his . . . → Read More: Halloweenie Humiliation 2

Small Penis Humiliation

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This is for all My little guys out there that well……..have pinky peckers.  You k now who you are *giggle*!! You’ve failed the toilet paper roll test, your whole hand covers it, and some of you even have to sit down to well you . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation

Humiliation Date

My main subbie had a birthday this weekend and he has a fetish for high maintenance women….gee I wonder why *giggle*?  I concocted the perfect birthday for him where he would spend the day pampering and spoiling yours truly.  Seems selfish, doesn’t it? Actually … is the most selfless thing I could do for . . . → Read More: Humiliation Date

Small Penis Humiliation

I recently had a caller who complained that he was attractive enough, but he had a small penis. Naturally I asked him ” So have you released your inner lick-alot-o-puss, I teased?”.  He responded “No, I’m a guy…… why would I care about that.”  Well duhhhh loser, if you have a four inch pinky . . . → Read More: Small Penis Humiliation

Female Superiority

I’ve already touched on the fragility and vain reality of the male ego, but I want to be ever so clear with my philosophy. I don’t claim to be superior to men…….nor do I believe that men are inferior…just kidding women are superior by far LOL. Some of you may find that humiliating…that’s only . . . → Read More: Female Superiority