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Halloweenie Humiliation 2

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As that moment of erotic fixation started to disappear………Sally Lee saw her moment to humiliate John and establish her dominance. It was a warm day and John only had on basket ball shorts and boxer briefs. Sally Lee lept into action and completely pulled down his . . . → Read More: Halloweenie Humiliation 2

Loser Wanker Masturbation Humiliation

Ahh, yes here you are reading My blog with dick in hand ….yet again.  Masturbation isn’t really a once in awhile thing for you , is it? Doesn’t that embarrass or humiliate you in the least? If it doesn’t ….it should. Why you’re just a chronic masturbator, aren’t you? I bet you can’t even go two whole days without jerking it can you *giggle*?  Aren’t you lucky Me and My sister Mistresses are here to indulge you in chaffing the carrot, sometimes to the point of soreness I would imagine?  I feel sorry for any woman who actually gets in a relationship with you because by now your dick probably has callouses on it LOL.  Wait…..that might be interesting …..instead of ribbed for her pleasure it could be rubbed for her pleasure *giggle*.   If you need to talk about it and be humiliated into having some semblance of self control I’ll be here.  Maybe you need to be locked away in a chastity cage for awhile Continue reading Loser Wanker Masturbation Humiliation

Loser Abuser Humiliation 2

So, are you looking for a change from humping your hand and pillow all the time? Did you want to start to grow a sac and allow it to migrate down the inguinal canal and move out of your Mom’s basement? Well, good loser, you’re in the right place!  Welcome to Sergeant Jenna’s humiliation . . . → Read More: Loser Abuser Humiliation 2

Tiny Penis Humiliation

I’m considering  a new submissive and, quite frankly, he is hung like a pimple. Four inches hard…..pathetic. This doesn’t stop him from begging for Real Man privileges, though.  So naturally, he is setting himself up to be humiliated into the ground LOL.  I decided to tease the ever loving fuck out of him by . . . → Read More: Tiny Penis Humiliation

Humiliated and Beat Down 2

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His poor gf was mortified-she was blushing beet red watching him get humiliated and rolled her eyes every time the girl landed a flurry of punches. The gf seemed to know he couldn’t fight . . . → Read More: Humiliated and Beat Down 2