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Tickle Humiliation

I have a subbie who gets assy now and again. with Mistress  So naturally I believe in swift firm justice of the ten elegant tickling kind; that’s right My fingers.  He has a tendency to be entirely too analytical……to the point of driving Me absolutely fucking nuts.  So the best way to shut him . . . → Read More: Tickle Humiliation

Kinky Questions of Self Inquiry

If you’re anything like Me, you’re constantly questioning why things are the way they are; governments, cultures, galaxies and especially people.  Awhile back I had someone ask Me why they were into what they’re into.  Having only the current conversation to go on naturally this Mistress didn’t know fuck all about how or why . . . → Read More: Kinky Questions of Self Inquiry

Slippery Slope of Submission

Empress Jenna discusses how she likes to shape her submission by the power of her subtle feminine domination. . . . → Read More: Slippery Slope of Submission

What’s Your Submissive Style?

Empress Jenna discusses the psychological elements of submission and self awareness. . . . → Read More: What’s Your Submissive Style?

Mistress as a Goddess Archetype

Empress Jenna discusses the Goddess archetype and how it relates to male submission and the desire for female authority. . . . → Read More: Mistress as a Goddess Archetype