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Not Your Average Fem Dom Phone Experience

Normally the context of most of My Fem dom phone calls are some type of admixture of humiliation and sensual domination, but not always. Sometimes people just call Me to tell Me about their day, or they need an ear to listen and I don’t mind. It is actually a compliment, in My humble . . . → Read More: Not Your Average Fem Dom Phone Experience

The Art of Sensuality

When you hear someone’s voice I think you can also intuit the signature of their spirit.  Your voice carries vibration and vibration carries an implicit message of what kind of person you are; whether you want it to or not.  So how does this apply to sensual domination?  People are much like harmonies in . . . → Read More: The Art of Sensuality

Sensual Domination

I’ve had men say things to Me like  “oh you’re evil” or “you’re so sweet”.  I joke around and say that guys want a good bad girl or a bad good girl…….either way makes for an interesting encounter, eh?  I think what makes sensual domination so appealing is they free both the man and . . . → Read More: Sensual Domination

A Submissive’s Orenda

A Submissive’s Calling

You’ve tried to be like other guys, but you’ve always known that you don’t fit the male stereotype, do you?  Pretending to be in charge for a submissive male is much like you trying to put on a pair of pants that are three sizes too small. Constricting, uncomfortable…….you can hardly . . . → Read More: A Submissive’s Orenda