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How Big? SPH Story 4

I apologize for the delay, I had an ADD moment and thought I had this set up for auto-post!!!  Here is the final installment of this sensually humiliating post! Despite all this I hung with her.  With her and around her.  Looking back I was somewhat like a pet. If she wanted something I’d . . . → Read More: How Big? SPH Story 4

How Big? SPH Story 3

I paused a moment because part of me was not totally sure what she was asking.  I was fairly sure I knew, but also knew I would sound stupid if I guessed wrong. But when she said the “inches or centimeters thing,” it could not have been more clear. I was just surprised that . . . → Read More: How Big? SPH Story 3

How Big ? SPH Story 2

Here is part 2 of My lovely subbie’s sensually humiliating story! Like it was not on my radar, and I did not break out a ruler every other day; an act which is truly stupid as one cannot really grow week to week like that. Why keep measuring that frequently?   “Hello.  Are you . . . → Read More: How Big ? SPH Story 2

How Big? SPH Story

Here is a wonderful subbie submitted story, hope you enjoy how sensually humiliating it is! “So how big are you?”  I did not exactly take her words in at first. Phone contact was a bit different to begin with, but I was not sure I heard her at first.   It was not that . . . → Read More: How Big? SPH Story