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Tantric Masturbation

Most people masturbate because obviously they want sexual release. Tantra in its more modern bastardized versionĀ  serves to delay sexual gratification for the purpose of having sex longer or for a male to be able to cum with out ejaculation. Tantric masturbation uses breathing and stroke techniques to edge yourself to achieve a more . . . → Read More: Tantric Masturbation

Tantric Masturbation

Jenna discusses a tantric masturbation call! . . . → Read More: Tantric Masturbation

Extended Orgasm: A Tantric Experience

Jenna talks about her tantric experiences how to extend orgasm and improve your sex life! . . . → Read More: Extended Orgasm: A Tantric Experience

Sacred Sexuality & Tantric Masturbation

Jenna discusses tantric and trance masturbation and her philosophies on it. . . . → Read More: Sacred Sexuality & Tantric Masturbation