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Queen Tiye’s Chastity Hell

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I have lived thousands of years and although the leaders, fashion trends, and faces may change ….humans seldom do; just take an astute look at history; you’ll see the patterns. I still get a thrill of the hunt even after centuries of dancing the same dance . My beauty is my lure and humans are vain and  so utterly weak and controlled by it….beauty and money; what silly little fools. I believe you humans have a term for it “the halo effect”; how ironic…. there’s no halo hiding under My long wavy ebony hair. If they knew what a narcissistic, ravenous aberration lay underneath My porcelain skin they would run away from their impending chastity hell. Even if they were smart enough to run…..they would not get far.

I like to pick My future snacks …oops I mean slaves with the utmost discretion and subtlety. They don’t know it, but I watch them from afar, their every move……you can tell a lot about a pathetic human by the way they order their drinks or adjusts their clothing. I like My slaves to be strong and tasty. It is so delicious to strip them bare and turn them into what I want them to be. When I’m finished with them…. they beg for it and I punish them for their weakness when they relent. I put them in a …how you say?? Catch 22.

Blake was a very handsome, successful businessman on Wall street. He had all the trappings of success and an ego relative to the New York Trade Center. His company was hosting a large Halloween regalia I have connections and I decided to attend and take My treat home. My kind always found it amusing how humans wanted to be afraid and celebrated death & fear….if they knew that they lived on a prison planet for the sole purpose to feed us…..what of their silly orange and purple celebration then? Our kind creates the carrots humans chase after; we are the 1% of the 1% and we truly control everything. Don’t let that truth alarm you *laughs*.

Capturing Her Prey

When I walked in the regalia every eye was on me. I dressed in my svelte Catwoman costume and carried the actual single tail I used on my little snack minions when they got out of line The slutty nurses, Cher & Lady Gaga impersonators cast envious glances as I glided into the room. Blake looked over at me ….once, twice…..the music changed and I took the dance floor and cracked my whip and took one man’s fedora right off of his head; they loved it. I was a dancer in ancient Egypt before I received the gift from my maker. I loved to entertain. I saw Blake leave a clingy woman dressed as a Playboy bunny. He was fighting his way through people to get to me while I was making small talk with a prospective snack. He asked me to dance; how debonair. We danced the whole evening, I was glamouring him of course; he had no chance of escape. He begged to come home with me *laughs*. Looks like I’ll get my del vino this evening and a strapping  new slave to add to my stable.

I decided he would be going with me to my favorite estate set in 20 acres. He was rather impressed by my black  1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS6 Convertible–only 20 were ever produced and I uhh procured one from a dinner guest;).  We got to my home and my servants greeted us and took our coats. I offered him a drink and he accepted. I could see Blake’s confidence flicker a bit when he looked around and realized I was an independent woman and he couldn’t control me with his wealth; he did that with many of his needy women from what I observed. Silly little dolt….wealth becomes irrelevant through the lens of the eternal.. He sipped his drink nervously and we made small talk. I was hungry as always and invited him to sit by me on an over stuffed navy velvet lounger. The fire light flickered and while he was fumbling to talk to me. I told him to shut up and I kissed him. I feel his heart throbbing out of his chest and I also feel my fangs pique as I feel his del vino wildly is pumping through his veins. He was lost, entranced by my exotic beauty. I snacked on him, there is a way to do it where your prey is stung but not turned. He was inebriated I had him strip naked while I was clothed. I instructed him to get on his hands and knees. He tried to protest and I grabbled his testicles, his breath sucked in……..”on your hands and knees I purred.” I decided awhile ago I wanted this one to play with, he would be a lovely snack I could keep around until I was bored; he should hope I do not get bored of him.

I started his training immediately….I had him lick My boots. I teased and edged his impressive cock for hours. In between I drank his del vino. From his neck, thigh, and chest. Humans do not taste as good as they used to; I’ll make sure he’s fully organic ….so much tastier. Sometimes when you snack on your prey there is a critical point at which they can be turned. The glamour wears off and they become sober. At this point the fun is over but only for a bit. ….. I have a cage beneath my bed where I’ll have him sleep bound and in a chastity cage. Poor Blake……….from a business suit to a naked, kept chastity slave *laughs* how adorable…………

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