Chastity Training Emasculation

As we are nearing the end of Locktober already I’m reminded of a special type of chastity training that I enforced on a naughty submissive. I am a lifestyle Mistress and I have three subs that I see on a semi regular basis. One of My subbies loves the idea of chastity training, but once I get him locked in within an hour he’s begging and pleading for Me to let him out. Once I decided to surprise visit him and see how he was handling his sentence. He opened the door to his hotel room rather surprised. He was only wearing a robe and I looked at him and said” present”. He opened his robe to reveal and uncaged penis. “What the actual fuck, is this?” I asked. “Where is your cage?”. The sneaky little shit had found a way to pull it off and he thought he could be slick and fool Me that he had it on the entire time.  Luckily I had brought discipline implements with Me; you always gotta be prepared;). I strolled into the room and sat on an overstuffed couch. “Over My knee for a spanking”, I commanded. Then the begging started “Oh please, Mistress, I’m so sorry!” I had a large square, wooden hairbrush in My purse and I laid into his ass.  He continued to whine and plead.

Chastity of a Different Sort

I had enough of his whining. After I was completely done spanking him. He was instructed to kneel in front of Me. “I have a special present for you.” I reached into My bag and pulled out a little red gift wrapped box with a black bow. “Open it,” I commanded. When he pulled out what looked like a large cap to a salt and pepper shaker, his mouth opened a little in shock. I granted him permission to speak. “What’s this, Mistress?,” he asked. “This is your new cage.”  I said. “But how, will I, how am I gonna… is flat Mistress!” he exclaimed. “Well, duh,” I said. “How else am I going to screw on this dildo you’ll be fucking Me with this evening?” I asked calmly. “Oh Mistress, please!!!?,” he begged, “you wouldn’t, please Mistress!!” “Well, as the saying goes, you fucked around, now you gotta find out,” I stated bluntly.  “You do not make a chastity agreement with Me, just to sneak out of your cage and do what you want with My property,” I said.

Cruel Chastity Mind Fuck

I could see the utter desperation in his eyes. It didn’t deter Me a bit. I had him wash and shave himself.  He would feel the sting of not obeying Me and it wouldn’t be just his ass. After he prepped everything, I put him in the flat cage. He squirmed as I knew his cock couldn’t get hard against it and I laughed at the look of utter regret and despair  on his face. I took out the dildo that screwed on the flat cage; it was a super thick large one of about 9inches. I instructed him to lay down. and tied him to the bed. I slipped out of My dress to reveal a beautiful black satin, lace trim bra and panty set I was wearing. He whimpered like a bitch, drinking in My beauty and all the frustration of his predicament. I mounted him and looked down at him and smirked. I pulled out a blindfold from My bag and put it on him. “Oh please Mistress, please, let Me at least see you!!,” he begged. I slapped him and told him he doesn’t speak until I tell him to and no he doesn’t get to see Me because he disobeyed. I stuffed My nipples in his face and told him to lick them. He obliged and as I got aroused, I placed the dildo into Me and rode it until I came hard. I removed the dildo from the flat cage and fucked his mouth with it. “You’re staying in this cage all day, flattened like a little bitch ass eunuch.” At this point he knew better than to blubber, beg, or plead. The only thing he could barely whisper was “Please forgive Me Mistress.” I grabbed his chin and looked at him in the eyes. “This will not happen again,” I said. “No Mistress,” I will not disobey you again, not ever,” he whispered. “Good boi,” I purred, “good boi.”

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