My subbie was in town this past week, and I allowed him to stay at My place. He was on a chastity honor system; no cage, but no touching or cumming.  I went out with the girls while he was supposed to stay home and do some chores.  Our outing ended a little early, and I came home expecting a sparkling clean home and dinner.  Well, I walked into the door and the house was still in disarray, and it was quiet, too quiet.  My sub was no where in sight.  So, I walked upstairs and opened My bedroom door to find him masturbating in a pair of  My panties.! He stopped in mid stroke and started stuttering out an apology.  I didn’t say a word.  I nonchalantly walked over to My night stand pulled out the paddle, sat on the bed and looked at him.  He crawled over Me, begging for forgiveness.  I raised My eyebrow and told him to get over My lap.  I spanked him until he cried, then I locked him chastity and had him sleep with My panties on his head.  He knows better; no cumming without permission!