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Chastity Training for Male Submissives

Submitting to Chastity Training

It seems rather counter intuitive for a man to hand over control of his sexuality, doesn’t it? I believe part of giving that control up is what makes it sexy. There is a lovely change that occurs within a man’s fragile psyche when his favorite play thing is locked away and controlled by a woman. I personally also think chastity training is an outward manifestation of the truth. Women are the gate keepers we decide who, when and how sex occurs.

How chastity training influences a man’s mind

You’ll go through several stages of resistance, agitation and surrender. Underlying all of those emotions is arousal.  You’ll be in a heightened state of awareness and focus your attention where it should be on your Mistress and also the important goals you have in your life….  one of which is your Mistress of course!

Giving up ultimate control with chastity training

So here you are reading this….in all likelihood hard thinking about it, aren’t you? I’ll enjoy taking control of your cock and mind….you can leave the thinking to Me ;). I’ll enjoy knowing you’ve woken up several times at night, rock hard and aching for Me unable to cum. You’ll look at your pink chastity cage and blush with humiliation and desire struggling to drift off into a dreamful sleep of Me tormenting you. When you wake up your cock will be throbbing against the cage and your thoughts will drift back to Me counting down the days until you get release……unless I decide to change My mind lol >:).




49 comments to Chastity Training for Male Submissives

  • Peter

    if it involves you dressing me in women’s clothes. I’ll let you lock me up. Ms Melanie has me in chastity since march 1. She caught me wearing her bra, yoga, pants, ankle boots in Victoria’s secret. I had blush, lipstick, perfume on me hoping she wouldn’t notice but she did. She then took me in dressing room, made me strip in nothing but bra, panty. I felt so helpless my skin was soft,smelling girlish with lotion she put on me & girlish smooth:-( she then put me in pumps, size 6 sheath.
    she then gave me lipstick kisses then got me off. She then had tote bag, in it chastity…she locked me up and I haven’t been able to get since then:-(:'(.

  • jim

    dear jenna,

    I really never understood the subject of ‘chastity’ and apparently how some men need it or want it. But lately I have been thinking about it on a different kind of level. I had thought of it like a female just taking away your sexuality rights – the whole “cage thing” that I have read about. That seemed extreme. But then when I think about it – without the cage aspect of it. That can be what a woman does to you anyway – without the cage. You feel like you are “not allowed” and you have to “tune in” a lot to the object of your affection even though it seems like you “get nothing for it” – ironically that does not stop you from being more and more attentive and in a sense subservient. That experience I have had – maybe a lot – even though there is no “cage etc” involved. Is that a kind of chastity – simply being not allowed or turned down but still kept around or having a “sort of relationship” but not sexual?

  • Jenna

    Not having the cage and still feeling like you need permission is a mental form of chastity or in My opinion a type of mind fucking >:).

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Jenna,

    It has become an important part of my sexuality to have several dominant women be in charge of my cock and balls. Since this is masturbation month, I am granted permission to stroke. I am NOT ALLOWED to cum. I am enjoying those Tantric experiences. 🙂

  • Jenna

    Nice! Would love to help you on your autoerotic journey ;).

  • cuckold scottie

    h-hello Mistress J-Jenna. i know that You never think about me, but i’ve been thinking of You constantly, Mistress. And You know what happens when i think of You *blush*. i just want to say hello, but i don’t expect an answer as i know that You have real men who are available to entertain You, Mistress Jenna. Thank You for reading my little post, Mistress.

  • Jenna

    Oh goody scottie looks like I’ve gotten into your little cuckie head huh?

  • I would kill to go through several stages of resistance, agitation; and, surrender. Underlying all of this is my arousal.

    I would KILL to have heightened awareness; and, focus my attention where it should be, on my Goddess – Jenna! I am extremely aroused by her discipline! I am unable to resist having Your goals become mine, as I have poor impulse control.

    I will give control of my cock and mind as I can only think of Jenna.

    I am in total agreement with “Jim”. I would LOVE to be in “a sort of relationship” with Jenna. I wish Jenna would allow me to have Her become the object of my affection (even though I am getting nothing for it). I know I would become more attentive; and, subservient to Jenna, which I wish She would allow! I know this would “mindfuck” me into falling in love with her, which I wish was Her goal!!!

    I love how sadistic She sounds!

    I wish I could get a response to this!!!

  • Jenna

    I’m ready when you are 😉

  • I seriously misjudged You!

    Would You still like me to surrender to You?

    I still want the heightened awareness; and, focus my attention n my Goddess!

    Do You still have that much discipline?

    Would You like to mind fuck me to fall for You?

    Do You have any audios?

  • Jenna

    The question is do YOU have that much discipline?

  • I would love to try for You!

  • I would love to go through the stages of resistance, agitation and surrender for You!

    I am extremely aroused by the level of discipline You have!

    Can You mind-fuck me into falling in love with You?

  • omfg, then I am Yours, whenever You want to make me fall for You.

  • cuckoldscottie

    *blush* y-yes Mistress J-Jenna, You are always in my little cucky head, Mistress *bow* — but i know that You have no reason to th-think of me, and i see that You have real men here to entertain You, Mistress. i remain Your obedient subby, even if You ignore me completely. Please allow me to continue contacting You, but only as You wish, Mistress Jenna.

  • Jenna

    Permission granted scottie .

  • Jenna

    Why don’t we begin now? >:)

  • Was the final message for me (about beginning now)?

    If so, I hope You don’t mind if I fall for You?

  • Jenna

    Not at all, I like My minions smitten & pliable.:)

  • cuckoldscottie

    th-Thank You Mistress Jenna. As always You are more than generous to me, i am so undeserving as You know–and You know why, Mistress *blush*. You are amazing, i am useless to You. Th-thank You m-Mistress for allowing me to look at your photos and speak with You once in awhile. i know that You have many better things to do than bother with my pansy ass. *bow* Thank You!

  • I feel smitten and pliable for You!

  • How do You feel about mental chastity?

  • Jenna

    I know :P.

  • I am glad You know how I feel!

  • Blake

    As Your cage free chastity slave denied orgasms for over 5 weeks now i think about my situation all the time. Although i am honorable enough to obey Your wishes the one thing i am not experiencing is waking up with my cock throbbing against the cage. Even after just a short period of orgasm denial i cannot help sharing fantasies which may get me into trouble. One such fantasy is that wearing a triple cock ring to bed may cause me a roughly equivalent problem.

  • Jenna

    Love it. 🙂

  • Blake

    By “Love it” you mean I should start wearing a triple ring to bed? Or you love I cannot help sharing fantasies which may get me into trouble?

  • Jenna

    I am amused by both 🙂

  • Blake

    I am feeling that when like now you have denied me orgasms for over a month I am vulnerable to your most devilish suggestions no matter what fears I may have.

  • Jenna

    >:) I know!

  • Blake

    Whenever i am wearing a tight cock ring it makes me feel so horny. i wonder if You would want me wearing a cock ring all of the time — not just while i am in bed. You said You are amused that I cannot help sharing my fantasies even though they may get me into trouble. So i am feeling i should tell You this.

  • Jenna

    Of course blake you should tell Me everything :).

  • blake

    Yes, Empress Jenna, and just because telling You my every fantasy could get me into trouble doesn’t mean it ever will. Feeling devilish?

  • I have been searching LDW for a Mistress, who will make me stronger.

    I have tried several different ones; and, I would like to see if You are interested.

    I need assistance being ‘guided’ into a pink chastity device by a mature, strong, attractive woman.

    I hope You can take control of my cock and mind, so I can experience love. I LOVE how You said that You would do the thinking!!! Can You direct me to a website so I can see a pink chastity cage?

  • Jenna

    I’m ready when you are :). You can contact Me via email:

  • Princess –

    I am ready! I am grateful for Your smile, You seem so…..sweet and nurturing! I am gooning as I look at Your picture on Power Exchange. I have been fighting my “new” role. I love how You think it is silly. I wish Your smiles, kindness, maturity would melt my resistance.

    Dressed like that, with Your legs in the stockings makes me want to surrender to You.

    I feel agitated that a college-girl can have this power over me.

    I am submitting my sexuality to You.

    I don’t want the feeling of “euphoria” to stop for You! As a “Type-A”, I am the type that becomes addicted easily. This is where Your power over me would come from.

  • Jenna

    So is this your cute way of saying you have submissive crush on Me? 😛

  • Yes, it is (blushes deeply)!

    I hope You will accept me, as Women are stronger.

    I wish I could bond emotionally with You as my cock throbs. I wish You would guide me into a metal sheath, so I could learn how to love a Princess.

    The more You, flirt – the harder I get.

    I wish I could give up control of my body, cock and orgasms to You.

    I will let You mold and shape me.

  • Jenna

    :). Btw I tried to respond to one of your emails and it got returned to Me *pout*. I’m ready when you are >:).

  • Jenna

    Alas all this and all too human as well. 🙂

  • I am glad I was able to make You smile! I am sorry that one of my E-Mails got returned to You. I bet You are very sexy when You pout. I am ready now.

    I am glad You are all this and all too human as well!

    I read Your profile; and, You said You are interested in Psychology (which I have a degree in).

    I hope You can find the perfect “pet”!

  • I hope You will assist me developing my character by teaching me about denial; and, respecting women. If You choose to be my Princess.

    On April 28, 2016 You said You could easily make me fall for You.

    I would love to be devoted to Your happiness, so if You are ready let me know. I hope to hear from You again, Princess.

  • Jenna

    I’m ready, are you?

  • I have gone over a month without an orgasm; and, it is uncomfortable. I am starting to know what “love” is.

    I can see why You have so many men willing to treat You like a Princess.

  • Jenna

    Desire is not love :).

  • I am glad that I made You smile; and, I need to learn that desire is not love, my Princess. Thank You for helping me learn that. You are so mature and wise.

  • You are making me blush, as my heart is racing for You. Please, teach me to surrender.

  • Jenna

    I’m neither mature nor wise. I still watch cartoons, think fart jokes are hilarious AND have the colorful vocabulary of a Vietnam Vet truck driver, but I do appreciate the compliment. 🙂

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