Yule Tide Sissy Cheer

Sissy Pat is a married closet sissy of over a decade and a half. As hard as he tried to overcome his desires, he found himself rifling through his wife’s panties. Often every few years he would try and overcome his sissy desires by purging his extensive collection of women’s wear. Sissy Pat was also a shop-aholic and had so much sissy gear he had to rent out a storage unit. He got a thrill out of trying on all his and his wife’s sexy clothes. Sissy Pat especially fixated on her panties and would sometimes wear them in public. Unbeknownst to his wife, this closet sissy also played with her sex toys too. He loved dressing up and feeling the fullness in his ass pussy, imagining what it would be like to actually get fucked. Pat was no stranger to sucking dick either, he sucked a few cocks in college when he drank; using that as an excuse for his behavior…. when in reality it was what he wanted all along. When he had  free private moments,  Pat would steal away and watch sissy porn for hours. Pat had a special set up where he could have three or four screens going at the same time. It was sensory overload for sure, but he loved being surrounded by sissies getting fucked like little sluts. He loved watching their little clitties bounce up and down while they rode a big dick. He fantasized about taking hormones and shrinking his already small clitty down even more. Sometimes he’d imagine his wife cuckold dominating and humiliating him for his fetishes and homosexual tendencies. His wife seemed willfully ignorant. She even commented that a few of her friends told her outright that Pat was gay, but she refused to listen and continue to pretend like she didn’t know.

Secret Santa

Over the holidays, Pat knew his wife would be shopping a lot so that would give him even more free time. His wife had purchased some sexy panties and a new sex toy. Yay, he thought I can spend a few hours in sissy bliss. His wife normally threw all her panties in one drawer, but this time he noticed they were all neatly folded and lined up like little soldiers. He didn’t really think too much about it and got lost in trying on all the new pretty panties. He put on his favorite sissy music and was watching himself twerk in the mirror donning his wife’s pretty red lace undies. He didn’t hear a thing as the door flew open and his wife heavy laden with shopping bags dropped them all as her jaw dropped to the floor. “Omg PAT, wtf are you doing??!!!??” Pat’s heart pounded like a freight train he could barely speak and he got a little light headed and dizzy and fell to the floor. When he awoke, he was in his bed and his wife was looking down at him. “So this is why I’ve been missing outfits and panties,?” Pat could barely croak out the affirmative. “This has been going on for years, hasn’t it, she asked?” Pat nodded, but as he became fully awake he noticed he wasn’t wearing anything he’d been in before. His wife dressed him up in a sexy Santa outfit. “I’ve known for awhile,” his wife said. “I think this year we should give each other the best gift possible,” she said smiling. “What’s that?,” Pat asked. “Mutual freedom,” she responded. She handed him papers and he shook his head and saw they were clearly divorce papers. “It is time to stop pretending, we’ve already wasted enough time,” she said bluntly. Pat’s hand shook as he signed the divorce papers, he was shaken, but he felt a huge wave of relief. “Btw……we can still be friends, maybe we can be like besties,” she said smiling. I hope you like the outfit I got for you, “she said warmly. Pat was terrified they had a long history together, but deep down he knew the divorce was the right thing to do for both of them.  No more hiding or pretending….no more sneaking around. He felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of his shoulders that he carried for so long. Without realizing it, his wife gave him the best gift ever this Christmas the freedom to be fully his gay sissy self and what better present is that?