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I like to go to the coffee house and read. I also like to slip out of My shoes….because it is more comfortable. This is every foot fetishists wet dream, especially this time of year, it isn’t quite flip flop season just yet *giggle*.  I was pointing and flexing My toes, and I had the intuition that I was being watched. I looked up and lo’ and behold, I was indeed being stared at by a rather handsome man in a suit jacket. His eyes fixated on My feet, and I stared back with marked determination that his eyes met Mine.  He looked away quickly and blushed a deep red. I smirked while I pointed and spread My toes as he was eating his sandwich. I could tell by the way he took a bite he would’ve much rather been sucking My toes…his sexual desire felt as palpable as a sweet perfume smells.  Desire can be a soft ecstasy that plays itself like a tune that whispers endlessly in our mind.  I’m pretty sure he put My toe show in his spank bank *giggle*.


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