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So….I’m sure you’ve been longingly awaiting the conclusion of Little Lou’s humiliating  tale with his sexy therapist, ,haven’t you?? If you happened to miss part 1, click HERE...otherwise read on!!The funny thing about this account is it is *actually* true and Little Lou wasn’t shitting Me at all.  He went on to talk about how this sexy former cheerleader & current therapist would give him assignments to write about his sexual fantasies to share with her not once, but now two times a week.  Little Lou was more than happy to shell out the cash money to see her AND to add those experiences to his pathetic spank bank.  He got a face full of her hot ass as she went up the stairs in front him last therapy session.  She confessed to him that her husband is a total Alpha….former football player, typical type A personality; didn’t see that one comin’, did ya lol?  This only excited Little Lou even more, so naturally he wanted to confess more of his humiliating secrets.  He had shared with her that he had a little problem and when she was talking about size she made the hand gesture of a lacking male …….you know the one, palms close together about three inches a part *giggle*.  Lou squirmed in his seat while she did that as he also confessed that he had cuckolding fantasies about watching his girlfriend fuck another well endowed man.  I bet Lou would love to be at the foot of the bed when his sexy therapist is getting the touch down treatment from her football player husband lol.  Any way that concludes Little Lou’s therapy sessions thus far……if I hear anything I find interesting I’ll keep you posted!!!