Bullied Cuckold

I had an interesting talk with a guy we’ll call cuckold “Matt”. Matt called Me up horny, breathless and frustrated because he had an upcoming 30 year high school reunion. You see our boi Matt was bullied pretty heavily during senior year. I’m talking serious bullying here; atomic wedgies, getting his pants pulled down…… everything. His bully even made Matt call him “Sir”, can you believe the balls on this guy? Sir or Dylan sounded like every stereotypical douche bag bully from every 80s movie I ever saw lol!!! Matt continued to tell Me that so called “Sir” even stole his prom date during senior year. Matt was excited to even be getting a date at that time. Luckily his date was from another school and didn’t hear about his ….uhm, little problem. You see cuckold Matt was exposed by Sir countless times. His bully would stalk him mercilessly and pants him every chance he got. Matt’s little biscuit was out for everyone to see….or in his case *not see*giggles. Walking through the halls was always a risk because he could have a herd of people behind him taunting and jeering at him about his tiny little penis. “Hey little smokey!!!,” they would yell and that would start a tumult of epithets that still echo in his head till this day 30 years later. Matt confessed to Me that he measures up to about 4 inches. Just pathetic!!! Half of Sir’s big 91/2 inch monster python which Matt stole glances of often in the locker room. Matt was jealous of how big Dylan was all around. He stood 6ft 5 inches tall with broad muscular shoulders; he was the quarter back of the football team and all the ladies liked him. Matt wondered if he should just cancel and not go to the reunion, but Dylan found him on social media and started to harass him to show up there with his wife or else. Matt felt like that terrified little beta bitch again….he didn’t know what he was going to do.

Humiliation Remember When

Matt couldn’t stop thinking about it. Dylan made his life hell and he had no idea how he was going to avoid this. Matt never talked to his wife about his bully or being a cuckold in the past. It was just too humiliating and he didn’t want her to look at him differently. Matt made a new identity for himself in college. He graduated magna cum laude in law school and made partner in a thriving practice. He met his wife on a vacation and she was rather innocent and inexperienced when he met her. In fact, he was her first. Matt thought maybe if she had no one to compare him to that she wouldn’t be unhappy with his size. Meanwhile Dylan was blowing up his social media and even shared a few videos via private message he took when Matt was being bullied back in the day. Matt felt like the helpless weakling again, not the confident, successful persona he had built over the years.

The Dreaded Reunion

Matt decided to suck it up and go. He had butterflies in his stomach all week long. He picked a nice dress casual outfit; he wanted to look his best. His wife wore a beautiful red sundress that accented her exotic dark features. A flash of her dancing with Sir crossed his mind and his little cock got really hard. Matt’s face reddened with embarrassment and he had to jerk off quickly because he couldn’t stop thinking about Dylan with his wife. He hated and loved the idea all at once and wondered what would happen………..(to be continued)