Cuckold George

If you have been following My steamy prose about George the cuckold husband, glad to see you back!! If you would like to read the first installation please click here! So where did we leave off? Oh yes! I do believe Georgey had a talk with his friend Jake about the prospect of plowing his beautiful wife. Jake often felt guilty about how attracted he was to his best buddy’s better half, but he couldn’t help it.  George’s wife was much younger than him and a total stunner. She had beautiful olive skin, dark black eyes, long black wavy hair and an hour glass figure. He knew he was a very lucky man to have been able to marry her, but alas his tiny trouser snake with a chumpy little sweater couldn’t satisfy her. George could always tell by the look of disappointment on her beautiful face after they had sex. It haunted him. He wanted to be the man she needed, but he knew it wasn’t possible.  These thoughts crossed his mind while he and his friend were talking and drinking his fourth bruski. Georgey knew his friend well and he decided to take the leap and bring it up. First he stuttered a bit an asked Jake if he thought his wife was pretty. Jake blushed a bit and tried to evade the question. George persisted, the thought of him actually being a cuckold husband was intoxicating.

Cuckold Fantasies Revealed

Finally George just blurted out the question…..”Would you like to fuck My wife?” Jake almost spit out his drink and laughed. “You’re fucked up George,” he said chuckling. George responded in a more serious manner. “No, Jake, I’m not. I’d like you to take my wife out on a date this weekend.” Jake paused a moment, sensing George’s seriousness. “Alright, what time?” “This Friday at 8pm,” George said flatly. “You got a deal, bro,” Jake said calmly.

George was thrilled to share the news with his wife. He told her everything and her response was almost giddy with anticipation. They went shopping and picked out a hot dress, lingerie, and heels for the occasion. George suggested they come back in the evening to uhm consummate the evening. Friday couldn’t cum soon enough and Georgey rubbed his little bumpy bit so much it got a little sore for the wear.

Friday rolled around and he watched with what seemed like permanent chub as his wife got ready. She never looked so gorgeous to him. She gave him a playful kiss and squeezed his little cock and said “Make sure the bedroom is ready for us when we get home.”. George almost jumped when he heard a knock at the door.  Jake smiled broadly at George then his eyes fixated on his wife. He offered her his hand and she took it and smiled, waved goodbye to George.  The next several hours were sweet torture for Georgey. They finally rolled in at about 1 in the morining. When they came in the door they were already touching and kissing each other like old lovers. Georgey’s wife looked at him and smiled and she said, you can listen outside the bedroom door. George’s heart lept out of his chest. They went upstairs and he followed like an obedient pet about to get a treat. They went into the bedroom and he heard the lock on the door click followed by some muffled conversation and some soft moans from his wife. He went downstairs and got a glass to put against the door so he could hear better. After a half an hour of muffled moans and sighs he heard his wife moaning loudly in orgasmic pleasure. He loved it and it was beautiful to him to think of her in so much sexual rapture. He started stroking his little turtle head. Her moans turned into loud crescendos of orgasms. He could hear Jake’s grunts as he fucked her and it drove George wild. He loved hearing both of them together and couldn’t wait until he had the privilege to watch them.  Their lovemaking sounds sounded like music to George’s ears. It was so hot to hear his wife and Jake’s union so raw, loud, and passioniate. Finally he heard the loudest pinnacle of simultaneous orgasms from both of them and his little dick came harder than it ever had in his life. He laid spent with his head on the door. His wife opened the door and looked down at him with a wicked grin on her face. He could tell by the look on her flushed face that she was satisfied. He could barely move and then the reality of the situation started to sink in…..”what will happen now, he thought, I’m actually a cuckold husband, what will happen now”…………..