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Foot Worship Submission

End of Semester Submission

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Ahh the semester is over and finals are done, so you’re going to get to see a whole lot more of Mistress this Summer you lucky little wankers! Remember that oogling little foot fetishist, I told you about the other week? Well it turns out after a few brief flirtations while playing with My pretty peep toe shoes proved to be rather beneficial to Me.  Jay seems to be rather submissive and loves giving amazing foot rubs! I invited him over to My place so we could discuss some of the last class lectures we had; poor thing could barely stop staring at My pretty red painted toes.

Jay worships My feet

After we talked for a little we went into the living room to watch a movie.  Jay had such a hard time hiding his foot fetish; it was really cute. I put My feet on his lap and told him to rub them.  Jay looked a little flustered.  Honestly I thought he might explode in his pants LOL.  He rubbed the soft arches of My shapely red painted toes and I purposely wiggled My foot to brush against his hard on.  I could hear him suck in his breath and see his face get red.  By the end of the evening he was sucking My toes desperately. I loved it.  Of course I knew by that point he was putty in My hands…… let’s just say I think I’ll have a devoted little foot worshiper and paper writer from now on ;).

Foot Fetish Picture

2 comments to Foot Worship Submission

  • Any guy who is fixated on the size and shape of your foot, your toenails, your shoes and the scent of your feet and who’s foot fetish is to solely worship your feet, suck on your toes plus more, then he’s is right where you need him to be as a submissive.

  • Jenna

    Exactly! 🙂

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