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I know you’ve been eagerly awaiting part 4 of this sexy story!  Here it is!

As the applause die down, Jenna grabs me by the ear and marches  me over to an area of the lawn by the house. She  has me kneel and attaches a dog collar around my neck.

The collar is attached to the house via chain and has leeway of about 12 feet. Jenna then says to me “Show the ladies how much you enjoyed getting beaten up by a woman.”


I relinquish my masculinity, as I proceed to masturbate. There is a loud female roar as I cum 2 minutes later. Jenna didn’t allow me to cum for six weeks prior. The women are all oohing and aahing, laughing and clapping, as I shoot 8 enormous jets of hot white cum into the lawn. Meredith is filming all this. After I cum, Jenna pushes me on my back and puts her foot on my chest. She flexes and also then does cheesecake poses- like her  finger up to her lips as she sticks her ass out, then puts her hand over her mouth, then one with her yawning, many girls are taking cell phone pics. I see Audrey seated on a lawn chair nearby, fingering herself, this is blowing her mind. Jenna says “ok girls, lets party! And celebrate female superiority!” (to be continued)

Stay tuned for the last installment  of the Fem dom sexy story!!  Where women rule and men drool!



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