Recently I found these stress balls that look like little penises. They are cute and incredibly funny. In fact, I bought about a dozen of them to put in random places because, well, why not spread the silly shenanigans? I also saw the possibility for a humiliation prop, teehee.  This past weekend My sub was in town, and he saw My little “stubbletons” lying around, and he asked what they were while his face reddened a bit. Of course, I sensed his embarrassment and picked one up and said “Pull your pants down.” He stuttered a bit and fumbled with his khakis and lacy panties.  I put stubbleton next to his little nubbleton.  “Awww, stubby found his twin,” I giggled.  I made it dance around My subs tiny engorging penis and laughed while he squirmed. My sub shook with humiliation and excitement as his nubbleton tried to grow.  “Are you embarrassed to see your tiny twin,” I chuckled.  “YYYes,” he stuttered.  I was bored so I decided to do something interesting.  I took stubbleton and fastened him to a head band and put it on My sub.  “Here… you’ll be wearing a small penis crown while you do your chores.”  “I think it is only fair, because you’ve given stubby a complex,” I laughed.  My sub protested a bit, so naturally I added a week to his chastity sentence.  Fun was had by all, and stubby got to be the belle of the ball on top of My subs head.  Next time I’m gonna have him do this and make him wait on Me and My friends. *giggle*