Bottoms up My ass in your face

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I know you wanna worship this!

Ahhh the sweet sound and vibration of a muffled whimper beneath My ass it’s like music to My ears! Face sitting is a Fem dom art that I really find endlessly fun and amusing . I’m sure all you ass men would agree. You could be in the worst argument in the world with your woman and if she sat on your face BAM what argument? Suddenly this bitching nag turns into your Domina angel, what ever were we fighting about in the first place?

Pride melts under Mistress’s beautiful ass

You know the feeling, I’m sure. You ache for the feeling of complete surrender and for a moment your mind melts into the soft still silence of supple cheeks and ass crack. Then despite your best efforts to resist you find yourself begging and pleading to lick Mistress’s ass like ice cream, don’t you? I like to make a bitch reach for it *giggle* that way I know he really wants it and will worship Me until I’m satisfied.

Five Reasons I love face sitting

1.  Everyone knows a woman wants her ass kissed so why not take the comprehensive approach and do it figuratively AND literally.

2.  It’s really hard for a bitch to complain if he has his tongue in My ass, now isn’t it?

3. What better compliment can you give a submissive other than you think his face is fitting for your throne?

4. It’s a really lovely way to show your deference and adoration for your Mistress.

5.  Face sitting is a way to establish the D/s dynamic and communicate without words which has the potential to deepen connection.

Why do you like face sitting? I’d be interested in hearing your comments, please feel free to share with Me :).